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Why Pay More For A Truck Tire If You Can Get A Great Quality For Less?


Here at MG Tires, We pride ourselves in being family owned.  Our roots have been firmly planted in the trucking and logistics industry since 1982.


We have one rule, and that is the Golden Rule.  We treat others how we would want to be treated in life and in business. This business grew out of necessity. We started in the transportation arena in the 1980’s, and that has grown into a fleet of nationwide trucks and owner-operators.  During this time, it also became apparent that we did not have any convenient or consistent allies or options that could handle or solves the issues and needs in Arizona that arise on any given day in the transportation industry. We decided to address our needs as well as that of our friends in the industry.

Having a fleet of 80 trucks and 120 trailers, that is a total of 1760 tires we need to constantly change.  That costs a lot of money buying them from the current tire distributors. We thought to ourselves - there has to be a cheaper way.  We started importing tires from JK Tyres in 2017 at a much better price. Thousands of miles later, not a quality issue with any of our trucks.  


With this breakthrough, MG Tires was established as the exclusive distributor of JK Tyres in Arizona, USA  with the mission to help fellow trucking companies reduce tire replacement cost significantly. Being in an industry where profit margins are razor thin, we understand how crucial it is to save money in any aspect of the operation without compromising safety and quality of service.




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